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The top sports car of your dreams, everything is redefined and reinterpreted by you.

2022 R8 performance Coupe

The Audi R8 V10 Coupe Performance vehicle is covered with carbon fiber and aluminum, and the streamlined super sports car body with a low-lying swooping posture and a wide and sunken honeycomb grille create a sharp and sporty vehicle shape. Its matte sky cloud gray paint, with black light package and matte copper wheels, the whole car is more sharp and more stylish.



Naturally aspirated
V10  engine



Cutting Edge

8,700  rpm

R8 Coupe Trims

Bask in the limelight

Has a strong racing style...

Quattro All-Wheel Drive

Magnetic Ride

Full Led Headlights

Exterior Design

Strongman Gene

high-end sports car design,
Every requirement for technical sophistication and automotive performance is close to the limit.
A first-class work that fully embodies Audi's enterprising spirit.






0-60 mph in

VIP Service, ​Audi is all about you

Flexibility: Audi appointment staff will negotiate with you your desired maintenance time, or suggest a suitable maintenance time. If you wish, Audi service personnel can pick up and drop off your car at your designated location.
On time: Audi service staff will be waiting for you and your car on time, and you and your car will experience Audi's professional service within the agreed time.
Meticulous: Audi service personnel will carefully prepare inspection, repair and maintenance plans for your car based on the information described in your appointment and the vehicle maintenance file.
Reasonable: The Audi service station will reasonably allocate professional maintenance personnel, workstations, spare parts, tools and equipment for you and your car to ensure the scheduled delivery time.

Price: €1,850

The top sports car of your dreams, everything is redefined and reinterpreted by you. With SportsCar.VIP, realize your dreams.

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